Black girl vs. huge white dick!

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Pornstars:Danny D.

Matt Hughes and a super cute black chick!

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by caliente1 6 years ago

LMAO.. this video was hot and funny.. when he slaps her hard.. and she screamed ough..

by Wildcat 6 years ago

Holy Shit, what a hot fuck!!!! The Take the Monster!

by 24malehorny 6 years ago

i hate fake tits

by nanamole 6 years ago

I know all about the power of a big cock. You seem helpless but one you get it everything is fine !!!

by 2029880 6 years ago

Dear johnbo, at least two of three uploads are reposts. This one was posted by myself 27 Nov 2011. `Thickest white Cock` is the repost of a repost, last time posted 17 Febr 12. Yes, it is impossible to know if a vid is allready posted but two out of three is not so good - in particular both clips are relatively fresh. Dont take it personally.
It looks that this clip gets more views than the `original`.

by caliente1 6 years ago

Wow.. great fuck!!!

by hanstoes 6 years ago

i guess big dick is worth waiting for . . .