From: Angelo
Album: Huge Meat Bat
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by Wayler 5 months ago


by anonymous 6 months ago

If that's not edited that's insane

by anonymous 1 year ago

Very, extremely: nice

by Martin7070 2 years ago

c2c for a reward?

by Roy11 3 years ago

Nice cock

by j2x10 4 years ago

wife would fuck that big dick in a New York minute

by anonymous 5 years ago

Looks really big

by bowler86 6 years ago

got damn Is that real?

by shield1751 6 years ago

Reminds me of my black buddy in Michigan...he's got 12+ inches. He's got a thick vein that runs along the top of his cock, and one that runs across like this one. ...when he gets hard, it throbs...i like to run my tongue along it to feel his heartbeat...

by shield1751 6 years ago

Looks like at least 11 inches...