Amazing DT on KD

This is an incredible 69 and deepthroating with KEVIN DEAN and a HOT guy whose name I do not know at this time !

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by HorseHung11 3 years ago

This video is no longer working , I am gonna UPLOAD it again .

Sorry for the inconvenience

by Qtsmooth 7 years ago

Huh? lol once again showing that I'd rather have my ROCKhard 6.5in. cock that shoots like a rocket..than this kids limpass dick that barely looked as if he leaked some preCum let alone shot off? :O I will never understand what guys see in a cock like this over a 'real' cock that works!

by usamel 8 years ago

this not not a good deep throat. , he never went all the way down to kevin's balls. I sucked his cock and balls both at the at time/// you have to get pubic hairs in your teeth for a real deep throat

by dt11 8 years ago

I met kevin dean and deep throated his cock

by dthomasg 8 years ago

Am I crazy for wishing that there were sound?

by hallowsteve 8 years ago

Kevin Dean is so hot! I need to get me some of his videos!!

by sunshine63 8 years ago

nice dick AND fantastic balls

by blutravler 8 years ago

mother of god...

by bodyshots 8 years ago

totally hot video

by franny 8 years ago

what a sexy vid thanks...