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by pnprick 5 months ago

Wow, that's quite a skill ????. I've watched a few other self-suck videos at Xtube, and even cam2cam'd with a few self-suckers. I used to wish I could do it, myself --- and one night mentioned that to a friend. He thought about it for a moment. Then he said "Yes, but isn't it a lot nicer when somebody else who you like gives you good head?" I had to agree with him....

by LabRat 4 years ago

Wow! Scary stuff. I know it's not me. But the resemblance to me when I was about 20 is scary.. Even down to the wristwatch and glasses. Mind you, we didn't even have webcams back then, much less the internet... :P Hawt video!

by nokiaboy 8 years ago


by Pumperaid 8 years ago

So hot

by LongJohnny 10 years ago

Now he can REALLY do it.

by garmer 11 years ago

love to see this would love to see you shoot a load on your face and in your mouth