Tropical heat

Guys have been measure/comparing their dicks ever since the world began. Here, Solomon uses a pineapple and (despite the usual fudging) proves fairly wise in his self-assessment. Anyway, this kid is naturally sexy all over, from his dirty smile & bedroom eyes to that velvety let's-fuck voice.

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by ninjaboi 7 years ago

Pineapple and Banana & Coconut milk! How enticingly SWEET! You are right Billy-Balls - I am noticing bigger packages on some of the most beautiful asian men these days!

by phreddie1 7 years ago

Actually, Sonny, nobody DID ask you--probabably because nobody NEEDS to. We've already heard far more than we ever wanted to know about your views on the subject.

by skoobs 7 years ago

Absolutely No such thing as TOO much skin on a dick!!

by billy-balls 7 years ago

Lets not forget that the decade of the sixties and early 70s resulted in cultural cross pollination in SE Asia and cross insemination by Anglos, Hispanics & Latins, as well as Blacks. This clearly shows in the biracial offspring's endowment. This guy reminds me of one of the teens appearing in the video "Handful of Joy" which could have been called 3 handfuls of joy considering his endowment. This guy produced a great cum shot and has a great looking cock, too.

by 7 years ago

Too much skin on that dick, if you ask me!!

by aspect 7 years ago

He has a beautiful dick, but I could not get past the hair (on the other head).

by 20boy 7 years ago

7 inch or smaller

by iamflesh 7 years ago

wow nice load i want pinneapple yum !!

by blutravler 7 years ago

Right about the Thais. I had one of those pineapples all to myself for 15 years every time I came to Bangkok. Drove me insane. And the next 11-incher is just around the corner...

by elansvc 7 years ago

I love anything that dispells the myth that our brothers of Asian descent are meagerly hung, since one of the biggest dicks I EVER saw was on a Rent Boy in northern Thailand. His nickname was "Mr. Eleven" which he proved on stage in both inches and centimeters. Alas, he was booked weeks ahead, so I just got to see it.