Barrett--one of the boys

Barrett Long, though candidly gay-for-pay from the start, never seemed out of place in his Yates & Falcon porn, throwing himself fully into the action--albeit always as a top. Focusing on his role in this mini-orgy scene ( Is it set in a military school?) shows how highly charged he was, no matter who his sexual partners were. Lust was--and still is--his middle name. (And note how nice & smooth his sumptuous ballsack is here--those lowhangers being a signature part of his undeniable 'monster' status.)

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by bigboodrew 7 years ago

how id love to get my ass pounded and slapped by those balls

by phreddie1 7 years ago

snake, u may be right. friend of mine played with BL in summer of 2008 or 9 & said he was amazed & v. disappointed at how supersensitive he was about his balls (would barely let him lick them gently) Before that & since, in all his videos, everyone's swinging on them like madmen. Maybe the 'trauma' had happened just before he hooked up with my friend. (My friend was kinda pissed, btw, seeing that the balls were half of BL's appeal 4 him & the encounter was not inexpen$ive.)

by snakeskin88 7 years ago

Has anyone seen any "interview" of Barrett commenting on his balls? Williebrowne notes the smoothness of his sack here. My guess is the present varicose vein look is damage from binding or a stretching routine gone wrong--they sure are long enough here. Those slapping balls are just made for doggie str8 sex--clit banging!

by tristudcolsohio 7 years ago

great barrett

by banaboy 7 years ago

Barrett is amazing and looks like he enjoys it all.

by Alex_huntop 7 years ago


by hungthickwill 7 years ago

first time i see barret lick his own cockhead, an yeaah them swinger balls soo good, im hard an huge in my rods ready to shoot a fat thick load..

by imchilling 7 years ago

holy fuk omg the way thos fukkin balls bounce on his face is fukkin hot and wen he takes it oin the ass WTF omg i almost came in my ppants

by AndyDC 7 years ago

Oh, those nuts! Like a pair of billiard balls in a pink satin sack...