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by coqfan 14 years ago

FYI, i think that is tommy9x6, just look at his bodt with that patch of hair and treasure trail and hairy legs and tommy have cum like that in some of his vids. check him out and compare... the cum in this vid is porn star material.

by turner_011 14 years ago


by roukin06 14 years ago

realy fountain guy....i like his horny hairy body /pits and the big dick head

by brb5504 14 years ago

I have a Tommy9x6 subs., that's definitely not him, he's not multi-orgasmic like my friend in the video.

by coqfan 14 years ago

WOW! that is an impressive cum load, it keeps flowing and squirting like a fountain. Btw, any chance this might a Tommy9x6 vid? It looks like him.

by 14 years ago

Too blury for more than 2 stars!!

by tulsaotter 14 years ago

there was ONE person who gave this 5stars the very moment it was posted...think it was the one who POSTED it??? LMAO! this isn't a 5-star clip, it's not even close!