is this ok for a monster?

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by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

mmmmm big rod

by DulceSuenos 8 years ago

Might as well have been just a photo.

by samboh48 8 years ago


by 8 years ago


by longhaired 8 years ago

I agree with you, Mack, this kid's cock is way too big for his puny body. But, I wouldn't mind having a cock like that, either my own, or someone else's to sit on. This kid is just too scrawny for me.

by MackBridgman 8 years ago

Cock size is just fine. BIG is good. Now get to a gym and pump some iron to build a chest and ceps to go with it. Boyish chest not so attractive. Big cock on men not boys!
Here is hoping you grow in to that beastly meat.

by Wolf10in 8 years ago

It's big enough for a monster cock, but too attractive to be monstrous.

by shyla7583 8 years ago

Could be Bigger