This is such a hot clip & again IF it has been posted just lemme know so I wont take up space and I will be happy to remove the video. RAFAEL ALENCAR & BEN ANDREWS are two studs both massively endowed you meet on a subway and suck each others huge cocks. Not sure if this is real and was really shot on a real subway but it damn sure looks like it and THAT makes it all the hotter !!!

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by MonsterCPatrick 3 years ago

Ben Andrews clearly wins the size contest. (And the "hot" contest, too)

by buggerboy 5 years ago

Andrews absolutely dwarfs Alencar…!

by chadhuntfan 7 years ago

O.M.G ,raf was that horned up seeing that other beautiful horsecock he had to strip off he wanted cock so much, SO AM I EVERYTIME I WATCH THIS VIDEO

by FreakMuscleXXL 7 years ago

Anybody knows, where it comes from?

by Karl_P 12 years ago

a Gem

by Addladd 13 years ago

excellent excellent excellent clip

by withme 13 years ago

what i would'nt do

by mulder 14 years ago

mit den Beiden wuerde ich an jeden Endstation fahren und zurueck

by TopTen 14 years ago

a really hot suck and fuck clip

by walte 14 years ago

lol the guy on the right is think i have a big cock so i will pull it out but there came a nother cock who is even bigger XD u gotta love that