Uncle Luther

One of my favourite scenes... ;-)

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by MonsterCPatrick 6 years ago

Great macho. Just his cock is not macho-size -(

by bilesj 13 years ago

Uncle Luther's tryin' ta talk like a ghetto brutha.

by jperiod 14 years ago

Uncle Luther's a toad

by PlaidBoy 14 years ago

@Gracebros Lol! ;)

by Basher 14 years ago

thats the way to handle a punk slap him around and make him swallow your dick.

by justintime8089 14 years ago

wow! Fucking hot! love all the talk! sexy uncle!

by bossman 14 years ago

love the spitting, slapping, stupid shit talkin uncle. great fuckin body on uncle.

by gohatto 14 years ago


by TopTen 14 years ago

cute boy servicing Uncle

by JE128 14 years ago

Stupid & boring