Angeleno love / Pt. 2

Last week, I launched a four-part series, showing a horsedicked kid from the LA barrio enjoying some steamy afternoon sex with his cute buddy. Here, in the second installment, they go from sucking to fucking--with more to come (if the bottom survives!)

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by cliffordjones 13 years ago

Yummy. Monstercockforsure. Frankie is an awesomem escort around N in Brazil. There is more meat on that hot bod of his and the dick is much thicker, harder and HUGE. Oh baby hurt me so good again. OOOOOOO.....

by STUDATPLAY 14 years ago

Thanks buddy.. Looking forward to the next posting..
Great share as always..

by Auterocam 14 years ago


by bigdonato 14 years ago

Je-ZUSS! If I was crazy4cock I wouldn't bother posting any more of this. It's a waste, sharing anything with dunderheads like toparound and SHUNTO. (You guys need to take a remedial reading course, I guess.)

by Toparoundtheclock 14 years ago

and where is the decisive part 3?

by heurtebise 14 years ago

The last two installments of this scene haven't been released yet--but the ending will probably get posted here around June 15.
(The archive has ANGELENO LOVE / Pt. 1 & you can click it on the right side of this page.)

by SHUNTO 14 years ago

fuck i like his ball sack - have you got the end part of ths film when he cums - i bet he stores a lot of cum in those horse balls !