black muscle daddy

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young guy has big fun with hung muscled daddy

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by shrinkingman 8 years ago

Where can I find the rest of this video? What is it called?

by wojiucaoni 9 years ago

so good

by aj323 9 years ago must be a Patty Cake...which is a person out of control...I love this video

by Mmmmmuscle 9 years ago

Vanity, you're definitely a minority. This video is smoking hot and I don't care how many times it gets reposted, I'll always watch it.

by wraithpegasus 9 years ago

Come on, Dixie! Everyone should be permitted to say what they think.
As for me, I love Bobby Blake, but the video is too short.

by Dirtysmells 9 years ago

Where is the rest of the video? I know it and it's great!

by DixieNoremuss 9 years ago

Miss Vanity, you have some serious issues to resolve. If you don't like the videos posted then just don't watch them and please don't waste our time posting your ugly comments. It is much nicer to be appreciative of those who take the time to post videos for this site.

by BlameItOnVanity 9 years ago

NOOOOOOOOOO no more of this litle helpless "twink" white boy and big bad black man schitt, i'm tired of it, NO INTERRACIAL, black on black is da way 2 go!!!!!!!!!!! (Hetero or Homo)