Monster I.G.O.R

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by martino123 6 years ago

well, Igor was on cam4 for a while. he's straight. he did some shows with his wife/girlfriend.
chatted with him many times. NO IDEA he was a pornstar

by mcocktube 8 years ago

Well, that is now my FAVORITE of Igor and the bottom was perfect! I had to stop the vid and get off twice - whew!!

by zingzing1981 8 years ago

Poor IGOR - he was hot before the meth set in ... and as for that bottom, jeez, a blowup doll had more emotion

by guardianwakka93 8 years ago

god love watching igoe getting serviced

by titanx75 9 years ago


by actorboy25 9 years ago

whats kinda sad is that because he fucks SO hard and hes SO big the bottom has to be... well... loose. So usually they just seem to be going through the motions, and not even really that much here. He looks so bored, such a turn off. You need to appreciate that beautiful man thats inside of you.

by brbpml 10 years ago

Who knows the true name of Igor and where I can found all news about him? Thanks

by buscopollo 10 years ago

el mejor video que he visto

by Deanalbert 10 years ago

Best video ever done. Sudmissive bottom and dominant top. Who can ask for more?

by Lookin4huge 10 years ago

That is FUCKIN HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could find a big cock to fuck my ass like that..........Florida here......orlando area