Guys ought to 69 more

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Pornstars:Ben Andrews

In porn, I mean. It's fun, (relatively) safe, and very photogenic. Take, for instance, this hot encounter between superstar Ben Andrews (whose own private preference is for 'oral') and the passionately eager newcomer, Wolf Hudson. Don't they look nice together?

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by barebackho 7 days ago

I want to worship Ben's dreamcock.
And Wolf ist super hot, too. Perfect hot face.

by gcbloom54 6 months ago

No wolfbane needed here as our nubile suction machine lives up to his namesake.

Ben was audibly impressed with the young cub's dedication to matters at hand.....

I agree wholeheartedly that the proper appreciation for mutual fellatio skills is underated. Vive la France, vive le difference!!!

by nanamole 6 years ago

nothing better than the taste of a cummy big dick when you are cumming

by justlogin 7 years ago

There is no way I could deep throat Ben's enormous cock, but it would be a blast sucking that huge tipe and licking his tangy ass.

by JE128 7 years ago

So hot but would LOVE to see a 69 vid where they just keep sucking each other and cum in their mouths at the same time. That would make me cum so fast. Total dream vid.

by calvin1821 9 years ago


by growingut 9 years ago

Wolf is simply WOOF!

by bartonside 9 years ago

69 is a great position; Ben Anderws' thick dick is a real mouthful!

by skinhead33 9 years ago

Best 69 vid i've ever seen. Both Guys are Very Sexy with perfect Cocks and shoot loads of Cum!

by kockplease 9 years ago

69. yes please!