Vintage: Marine Furlough

A mid-70s porn actor noted for his big dick was a straight baby-faced Marine called Gary Boyd. A handful of 8mm film loops (directed by Matt Sterling for Brentwood Studios), won him many fans, and most of his stuff was later transferred to VHS and then DVD. Best known is 'Marine Furlough'--where he and a Sonny Bono look-alike named Bill do a threeway with another 'name' pornster of the period, Marc Stevens. Since early film loops were silent, whoever did the tape transfer added an appropriate soundtrack--the clickety whirr of an 8 mm projector--evoking what it must have been like for guys watching these loops at home 35 years ago. (The full movie--which runs nearly 17 minutes--has been edited down to concentrate on the footage involving Boyd himself.)

Comments (12)

by hungdaddy 4 years ago

The Few, The Proud, the Horse Hung !

by hotboy007 6 years ago

good old 1980s....

by usamel 8 years ago

never heard of gary boyd but he has a huge cock

by dthomasg 8 years ago

The lesson here? Weed makes you gay.

by buster69 8 years ago

i went to school with him sister dated him,,to bad he past cancer

by gordy 8 years ago

i hadnt seen this guy before , so this vid was a real treat .... great body , with a dick to beg for ..... does anyone have any other vids of him - gay or straight ? ...... thanks argus3906 .....

by royboy361 8 years ago

Wow I actually have this movie. I think all there is in the sound is music though so your not missing much. This guy doesn't look like he would be packing then pow out it comes.

by papagallo222 8 years ago

MMMMmmm, Gary Boyd! He had a great, big, round pony butt & seems to have LOVED getting it eaten--as seen here and in all his other clips. It must have been the one thing he seldom (if ever) got from the ladies

by crezik 8 years ago

One of my favorite !

by buster69 8 years ago

i went to school with gary ,,he use to date my bad he past away with cancer.