.C, Bo, Dillon, Steve & Tony

Bo climbs up on a stainless steel cart as the rest of tis orgy chooses a batting order for his gang fuck. It looks like a mile of hard meat and its all headed for Mr. Knights perfect bubble butt. Starting with Serrano's pounder and working his way through the almost 30 collective inches of Press, Parker and well hung Xtra Inches favorite J.C. Carter, Bo shows us what a real-as-steel all-American powerbutt can do .The men bump and grind their rods deep inside him as he growls. They pass him around like a 50 cent ho doing a group rate. There is no room or need for shame and regret. These men have all embraced their true nature and I am sure that if the cameras had kept rolling, they would have all grow little curly tails.

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by frenchotsex 8 years ago

where is the bigger ?