young well build guys

muscled guys, nice tools, great cumshots

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by LongJohnny 8 years ago

Yeah musclewood, looking at pornovids overall, it aeems that East Euros and Brits sport the biggest ones. Certainly some of the biggest.

by Open 10 years ago

Not all huge but excellent camera.

by geordieboy2008 10 years ago

Very nice and hot

by Dinosaurprince 10 years ago

Bel Ami rocks!

by musclewood 10 years ago

what is the deal with the east europeans all being so hot?

by creature100 10 years ago

woooooooooow... never seen a better vid here! thanks for posting! these guys are so goodlooking ... and some of them are really hung! there are gods .. wish i could have this vid on my pc to watch time and time again ...

by icharlie 10 years ago

best of the bestest video ever! a must see! thanks to the person who shared it