hung like a horse

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vintage rick donovan and friends 80tees barback-fucking- sucking...horsehung

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by hardneasyguy 7 years ago

Ok Movie but the moaning was over kill

by nc11 8 years ago

rick donovan has a nice ass, i would love to stick my tongue in his hole

by royboy361 8 years ago

This is from "The biggest one I ever saw" well titled film. Yes Lee Ryder died years ago from a drug overdose. He sure matured into a hansome man.

by monteleone1185 8 years ago

I always had the hots for Rick Donovan !! every since i was like 12 or 13 yrs old. I'm 25 yrs old Italian American. And been modeling motorcycle apparels, and Leather's since i was 19yr. For BMW Motor car's of North America. And i still would date him hands down ! ;)

by Karl_P 8 years ago

I remmber this video from back then.. Hot clip!! That's Jon King & Lee Ryder with Donovan. King was an oustanding butch bottom. I wonder if he's still living . . . Ryder was a hottie too. Made a big splash in his heyday. I'm pretty sure he's dead. Of AIDs, if I'm not mistaken.

by magnaridersd 8 years ago

..damn I miss Jon King....

by drfager 8 years ago

jon king is such a hot ,able bottom!