Three Titans

It's a sizequeen's wet dream come true, watching Trevor Yates, Manuel Rios & Henri Gaudin all going at it together, sucking and fucking (the latter bareback) in BA's latest 'special programming' blockbuster. Here are some fleeting glimpses culled from a fast-paced 25-minute scene that has risen to monstercock classic status in a matter of days.

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by AndyDC 4 years ago

WOW! Over eleven hundred "favorites"

by Karl_P 4 years ago

What's not to love??

by doctorcockillas 4 years ago

they make my cock so hard. lol!!!!

by JUSTIN1953 4 years ago

Incredibly hot video, very sharp and clear, great uploading, thanks for sharing this so much. These guys are so hot it seems unfair some should have it all, and these guys have it, and uncut is natural and hotter than butchered circumcized cocks.

by xy1060 4 years ago

3 SUPER HOT dicks! the vid is really great!!! the only think i would like to see in belami movies... they should have some training in how to suck a dick ;) but beside of that, as said... super hot!!!

by PhilipHH 5 years ago

hot hot hot

by XYChromo 6 years ago

It works just fine!

by GiveAndTake 6 years ago

Doesn't work

by thikcok 6 years ago

Just looking at these comments. It's funny eh? I guess it just depends what turns you on. This vid did nothing for me. I don't like uncut cocks, or smooth lads, .... & bareback completely turns me right off on account of what happened to my mates in the past. Oh well !!

by 6 years ago

Shitty servers and can't download this vid? Lame ass