monster cockhead biggest i have ever seen

From: BigCKhead
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This guy has the biggest head i have ever seen more than an apple in size

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by nokiaboy 7 years ago

vvv hot - wow what a big thick helmet - love to suk on that thing - id never be off it sucking it and licking it for hours - love to see a lad like this fuk

by LongJohnny 8 years ago

I enjoy cock pumping (& balls, too) and after a long session can get a cockhead that size. Feels fantastic. Good thing is that the shaft grows too and matches it in circumference. Lasts about 12 hours before it begins to reduce.

by ncmel 8 years ago

fake, cum spurted straight down and straight out simultaneously

by ncmel 8 years ago

tha is little compared to some cock ehads I have seen

by montani 8 years ago

Compare the dickhead to the width of his fingers and then you see how large he is!

by careem 8 years ago

Don't you think that perhaps the shaft is small and it makes the head look very large?

by bender4fun 8 years ago

fucking beautiful would love to pop that head in my mouth

by sirtoass 8 years ago

nice head, buy why the shaved pubes????

by tt0121 8 years ago

he's got the lot !!!

by joejackk 8 years ago

Like to see his fat head up against yours bigCKhead. I think you would dwarf him.