Mr. MonsterCock Himself

You migh've seen this guy and his huge cock before. Now enjoy him for a few minutes of cock sucking, ass fucking, cheeksplitting, loadblowing fun.

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by maverickhorse 9 months ago

Start telling people about Monster Cock and you'll be getting a lot of guys who want to see what you've got: so what, it's not a monstercock but that word sure does ring a bell...

by FreakMuscleXXL 3 years ago

That guy has an amazing cock!

by DEVI8TOR 6 years ago

You guys complaint about a title? lmao..

by jamie931 6 years ago

Stupid title does Hector a disservice.

by hungmenwanted 7 years ago

I've know Hector for about 10 years and he is awesome in bed - and takes a long time to cum

by phreddie1 7 years ago

I love Hector, but to title this post that way is just silly.

by blutravler 7 years ago

what would life be like without nokiaboy? We can only pray he goes blind

by eingangstr 8 years ago

ja da macht mann doch gerne die beine breit :)

by whiterush 10 years ago

its not a Llatin guy its an asian..they have tiny cocks and live to be fucked by big black or white meat

by darkanddeadly 10 years ago

that latin boy is tiny