Snake - Is this real ?

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Can this be real ?

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by bregar9er 8 years ago

and it's boring as fuck!

by LongJohnny 8 years ago


by 1030rjc 8 years ago

It's been faked...notice the repetitive movements.

by AVG1 8 years ago

That's a vid posted by INDEED, but it looks like it's been altered.

by eddie1983 8 years ago

im gonna go with the

its fake but GOD i wish it was real approach, the dick goes thinner as it gets harder

by pichulon 8 years ago


by myoder1961 8 years ago

it might be fake, but we can dream, right?

by Prez1 8 years ago

Amazing what you can do with a Funhouse mirror =)

by samboh48 8 years ago

what a fucking joke!!!

by Internationalmuscle 8 years ago

I checked it. This current vid is a fake, the real cock is around 10 inches, the real vid you can watch in: