Rick the Dick

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Rick Donovan-Vintage-

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by MonsterPatrick 6 months ago

Love his cock. And he (was( such a hot and cute guy.

by 6 years ago

This ones Sailor in the wild ??

by clarence007 7 years ago

too bad this has been cut so short. in its original version, this was my all time favorite. how rick raped this cute blonde boy, was unreal. the boy nearly fainted under the pressure of that massive dick. he was in so much pain and yet wanted it so bad. too bad all that is cut out of it so it is just another fuck vid instead of the hot rape vid!

by bartonside 8 years ago

At keast, unlike some of his contemporaries, Rick is still with us and, I understand, living in the San Diego area. He did sometimes produce a strong erection, notably in his scene with Matt Ramsey/Peter North in The Bigger the Better. It takes a lot of blood to fill that thing up!

by Hot8 8 years ago

Well, Romano: it's hardly a man's job taking a semi-erect dick, regardless of the proportions. I always saw Rick's films as akin to watching a dead horse to pull a load!

by gimmeHUGE 8 years ago

Just imagine if porn actors did viagra in Rick's day like they almost ALL do now!

by moncler1756 8 years ago

He probably did to many drugs back in the day - it will ruin any hardon...

by eddie1983 8 years ago

awesome cock

but this whole video is just LAME!

by creature100 8 years ago

never hard, always flaccid ;-(

by romano 8 years ago

Poor Rick; he could never really get a decent stiffie. Leo Ford takes it like a trooper, though ,-) !!!