Getting back on the bus

Here, more than 20 years after it was shot in Bratislava, is the blowjob-on-a-bus scene every fan of monstercocks should see. It was an early episode in the first part of Bel Ami's famous trilogy, 'Lukas' Story,' originally released 1994-l995 on VHS, and later remastered for DVD. Referring to the performers, someone once described Lukas Ridgeston's face and Filip Smirnov's dick as 'the most inspired movie pairing since Fred & Ginger.' The result was a brief but imperishable masterpiece of gay porn--seen here in a remarkably clear and complete edition. [Although I uploaded this clip to MCL on October 4, 2009, I recently decided to add some further details to the introductory note. To my eye, the scene itself has become more beautiful and iconic with every passing year--proof of how George Duroy's singular genius took gay erotica into a wholly new direction.]

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by bobcollins 1 year ago

i'd never stop licking that beauty.

by otuzbirici 3 years ago

I find Mr. Smirnov very sexy. I love his manly face and, of course, that HUGE hole-ripping meat between his legs. Lucas was one lucky cock sucker. The scene with Dano Sulik, a classic beauty, sucking on Mr. Smirnov's cock and riding is a must see.

by bobcollins 4 years ago


by roccobene 4 years ago

Yes, the foreskin action is INCREDIBLE!

by XYChromo 4 years ago

Don't miss the just-posted trailer, "That boy"

by Lucky10 5 years ago

Just needs a bigger dick and it would be awesome.

by bigdonato 5 years ago

Hmmm. Who's trying to chip away at that rating, I wonder?

by heurtebise 5 years ago

I'd forgotten what beautiful foreskin action this clip has (around the 3m-mark, for instance)

by Jorduan 6 years ago

This video makes me cum so hard - first watched it a few years ago and still love that meaty cock

by sugarboy23 6 years ago

geiler Blow job!