Sibling Rivalry Suckdown

A competitive pair of twins share Trevor Yates--and his bountiful monstercock--first taking turns, then gliding all over its girth together, and finally uniting in a cocksucker's kiss--but it's the big T himself who sees to to the generously creamy finale. [This all-oral scene was excerpted from a much longer episode--with fucking--& I hope to turn out an abbreviated version of the whole thing, very soon.]

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by odude99 4 years ago

What's wrong with these boys? Do they have lockjaw or something? What I wouldn't give to give proper service to that majestic cock.

by doctorcockillas 5 years ago

just great, always makes my dick so hard, lol

by Hudsonwhite285 6 years ago

The Daddy did a great job not playing favorites with his bois.

When he cam hard at 3:29, he didn't have a preference to shower his gift it to the twin on the left or right.

That's a good Daddy.

by samsex 6 years ago

Actually, Devistor, yours is a murky, muddy, unwatchable mess.

by DEVI8TOR 6 years ago

Mines bigger, longer, and better:

by DEVI8TOR 6 years ago

Actually this is just a 4 minute video CLIP. I posted the WHOLE scene.

by AndyDC 6 years ago

Well, well, the very clip that DEVISTOR ripped off & posted as TWINS SUCK MONSTERCOCK

by vergudon 7 years ago

unbelievable girth dudes and dudes here man dayum wow.....mmmmm did i hear that alot from them oh yeah mmmmmm he has what we call hairless monster cock god yeah

by rowlocks99 7 years ago

How gorgeous those twins are! What a useless arrogant lump the other guy is...

by bobcollins 8 years ago

trevor yates crowd pleaser