Big HJ

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Amateur girl works very thick dick with her hand POV-style.

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by shield1751 6 years ago

That has GOT to be the thickest cock Ive EVER seen

by bispermluvr 6 years ago

Hot precum. Hot, thick cock. Great knob. Decent hand job. Looks like my friend Neil!

by gr8rubs 6 years ago

Big fat dicks are seldom wasted. It's what raises the "fat straight guy's" personal stock, as it does for old, butt-ugly gay guys.

by Vanbrugh 6 years ago

Deffo needs a cock ring to get that "muvver" of a cock to stand up!...some guys with huge cocks can get a hard on but as here, its at best floppy!

by timbuk2 7 years ago

That thing needs a cockring to make it a blue veiner! Imagine the size of the head then!

by esther 8 years ago

This is a perfect cock for me. It fat and uncut!!!!

by AVG1 9 years ago

Terrific video, thanks for sharing!! Reminds me a lot of me and the old gf!!

by snatchet 9 years ago

wow, this girl knows how to wank a big cock, massive helmet on that thing.

by lord_rock 9 years ago

like oh my, what a big fucking beauty!! SO fat, so very hot seeing that get jerked up and down, rolling the skin back and forth...

by madest 9 years ago

Thats a big fat dick. Shame it's wasted on a big fat straight guy.

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