Muscle Dude jacking off at Mirror

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hot muscle dude jacking his cock in front of mirror

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by Hudsonwhite285 10 years ago

I love fucking horny bitches in the locker room.

To turn them on, I first strut around naked, shaving, going through my gym bag. If I check them looking, I smile and motion them back to the shower. Let's go, Bitch!

by poilkjmnb 12 years ago

i wish he was fucking me right now

by MackBridgman 13 years ago

A lot of muscle to lust and love... Handsome!

by coachcock 13 years ago

Just happened upon this beauty. Damn he is stunning. Please search the universe for more of him.

by FuzzyKen 15 years ago

The dick ain't a monster, but the rest of the package makes it perfect! WOW! I could watch this guy at this for hours!

by 4bru2 16 years ago

Eeeeewww, he's just so ugly....NOT! I would have mirrors all over the house if I looked like him

by sfzephyr 16 years ago

That is one stunning male! Gorgeous face, gorgeous body, gorgeous cock and balls, gorgeous load. No wonder why he gets off on looking at himself in the mirror! I would too if I looked like him!

by pecsman 16 years ago

incredibly built guy, with a long dick and just the right amount of jism.

by tenbyeight 16 years ago

This is a fuckin HOTTIE!!
Wish there was more of him on here!!!

by estreche 16 years ago