Bobby Blake..!

Bobby Blake fucking some twink... This scene always gets me SO hot, coz of the way the bottom obviously isn't faking it towards the end..! :-) Enjoy..!

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by mseaver21 6 years ago

Fuck the stupid ass music... wtf...

by younghungstud11 8 years ago

whats with all this crazy &**(^)(*ing music?

by wisottertail 8 years ago

Say what you will about the whiteboy, he stays hard throughout Bobby Blake's brutal fuck! You can see his whitedick bobbing up and down as his little pink hole gets drilled. The boy is definitely into this fucking, and Bobby completely dominates him and reduces him into a nearly crying bitch.

by mosatguy 8 years ago

this is the best episobe of sanford and son i've ever seen

by JayEsz666 9 years ago

Btw guys, listen to it through your LEFT earphone, and the verbal is louder than the crap music... ;-)

by texas45-35 9 years ago

Once you hit age 51 you dont get to pick your co-stars anymore. Even if you are still fine.

by koshkosh 9 years ago

By some strange quirk, if you wear earphones, then one side has the music and the other, well the rest!

by Beregond 9 years ago

Yeah, that damn piano ruins what could have been a classic. Another example of porn producers going out of their way to destroy their product. What goes through their heads baffles me.

by marekub83 9 years ago

shut off the fucking music....

by xhungmasc 9 years ago

Great any footage of him fucking his face though?