Look, Ma, no hands!

Niall Phoenix gives Trevor Yates one of those mouth-only blowjobs rarely attempted by even the best of cocksuckers when working on such a biggie. Indeed, the only hand involved seems to be Trevor's own, just before blast-off.

Comments (9)

by whackjob 5 years ago

almosted busted a nut at 3:42! Great body on the bottom and what a cock in his mouth.

by buzlno 6 years ago

Not bad. I would take the fat dick over the other, but only if they were on something more masculine. The fake and dubbed in generic groans are a turn off.

by steviesheff 8 years ago

if any guy in or near sheffield england has one like trevor, ring me... 07904 011882

by jockmaestro 8 years ago

Great cocks, no question, but kind of a lame cum shot: just a few short spurts, not big blasts.

by spiritbahia 9 years ago

Oh my God! Two Perfect guys! Two big and perfect cocks! I can imagine what I can do with them... lol! Perfect video!

by bjarneboy 9 years ago

HOT... I want to see them fuck....

by moncler1756 9 years ago

Trevor Yates a.k.a Karel Grosse - there are no british genes in that guy - No reason that he use Trevor Yates as his stage name, maybe something Belami have decided...

by kwnboy 9 years ago

damn these men r hot

by buggaboy 9 years ago

wow those are men with good genes