Tyler Saint fucks Johnny Hazzard

This is such a HOT clip to me! I love to see Johnny get fucked and I think that Tyler is just WOW!

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by maverickhorse 6 years ago

It's AMAZING: they all came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by miafur 14 years ago

Thanks for posting this...love both of these dudes! Anymore of them?

by fists-r-us 15 years ago

Hey Man - you can whop that up my hole anytime :-))

by MackBridgman 15 years ago

Tyler Saint is tops! He can be my bottom, too. Doesn't matter. I will make him my bottom... Man to man is where it is at. He has an awesome look... I would do him!

by hungpilot 15 years ago

Even when he tops he's a bottom :(