eric's in heat

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by younghungstud11 9 years ago

Enjoy watching a man that takes his time pleasuring his meat

by john9091 9 years ago

Imagine getting that whopper shoved up your ass; it would pop both eyes right out of your head!

by royboy361 9 years ago

Geez! This guy would be an E ride at Disneyland. I bet he would be wild in bed.
Lose the vaseline though, thats old school.

by Kazon 9 years ago

I know hes got some good azzz....look how intense and how he opens his leggs...I could have fun stretching him out a bit....

by 9 years ago

Damn, he takes his jerk-off sessions serious!! Wonder what he's like on top of someone. I had a guy like this once and he pinned me against the wall, from behind, and fucked me so hard it was like he was trying to lift me up with his powerful cock!!!! Very painful but I'd do it again very happily!! Nice video, hotmessy!!

by 3632936 9 years ago

SUPER HOT! Thanks for posting.

by bajan 9 years ago

would love to be fucking him

by odude99 9 years ago

The way this guy moves is incredible. You can feel the waves of lust surging through his body.