Muscled dude does his thing

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Young stud drops a load on camera

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by zakarpanjang 9 years ago

not a monster. sht. i can blow a better load than he can..

by marcx 9 years ago

straight..yeah right!

by ben23 10 years ago

why doesn't any of you stupid jerks flag it as inapropriate for a site called monstercocktube??? don't get the concept of a monster cock tube?

by 10 years ago

Ah, yes!! I think he's glorious!!!! Where he's lacking in cock, he sure does make up for it with the rest of the body!!!!

by jasieboi535 10 years ago

i like how he said he likes asian girls

by darkanddeadly 10 years ago


by marolijr 10 years ago

get outta here dude ! wrong site. This is MONSTERCOCK, capicce ??

by hyperionic 10 years ago

He's hot! Incredible!

by Blackbeard 10 years ago

wowzers... he's gorgeous.

by ivyjocck 10 years ago

i dont care what you all say: he's hot and cool. i'd marry him and i'd love to have that body no matter how big the cock.