DEEP Self Suckers

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It takes real talent to suck & lick the head of your own long meat. Despite not having monster cocks these young guys go beyond just the head, a couple suck most of their cocks into their mouth, one gives a good licking to his balls, and one actually deepthroats his own. And the last one doesn't just cum into his mouth, he cums INSIDE his mouth.

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by anonymous 14 years ago

self sucking is great but you are super great to suck your own balls

by eddie1983 14 years ago


just WOW

by royboy361 15 years ago

I never get tired of watching Al Eingang.

by gjs3112 15 years ago

Hell yea!!!!

by smoothsilk 15 years ago

Incredible that he can suck himself so deep & even his balls.

by tomandalex 15 years ago

that is the hottest fucking video ive ever seen in my whole life.

by Vanbrugh 15 years ago

As they say "good trick if you can do it" the deepthroating was amazing!!! 5 stars

by omniberdache 15 years ago

I wish I could watch more of these guys getting them self off... SidneyHav, thanks for the one that you were able to include.