Hung twinks fuck raw while GF watches

So they say. Maybe she is the one doing the filimg. I compiled all the separate vids of these two guys, here they are. You can fetch more of this guy on Xtube. His name is Kalev.

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by laserax17 6 years ago

fuck me too stud

by Douger10 9 years ago

very hot,, some faces would make it completely amazing

by wander005 9 years ago

one of the best ! thanks for sharing !

by luxfulgens 9 years ago

gotta love the miley cyrus medley in the background haha actually at one point the bottom is riding that dick to the beat of the music. hahah trainwreck

by Topperscott 9 years ago

Yeah, got to agree with stafboy--need to see the FACES.

by kathiko 9 years ago

nice clip thanks!love it!

by jtfinch 9 years ago

would have been hotter with out music

by stafboy 9 years ago

Hot, what about Faces