Monster Boy

From: lisaworld
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He is blonde, green eyes and 11 inches

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by ncmel 8 years ago

looks huge to me, i like it

by usamel 9 years ago

fake, can anyone else tell that right under his cockhead is censored blur

by sniggs 9 years ago

beautiful boy and what a shooter! Guess he's got cum in his eye before hence the hand up to shield his face from the blast! Just HOT!!!

by mulder 9 years ago

der typ ist affengail!!!

by pioquif526 9 years ago

Damn what a fucking cutie :)

by SeekingBlessed 9 years ago

i want it now
seekingblessed @

by LongJohnny 9 years ago

Just about drowned himself, I reckon.

by CraigORL 9 years ago

great cock-though 8.5-9", nice bod, would be nice if he actually showed some emotion. dude looks likes he's bored the entire time.

by gjs3112 9 years ago

Nice, very nice but 11'' no way!

by 9 years ago

Wish he'd spent more money on a better webcam!! Sad not to see more of his balls. But thanks anyway, lisa!