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by freak3334 7 years ago

Ed Wiley/miles long is the top

by LongJohnny 14 years ago

That's Falcon's famous Rod Ramhammer from the 1990, surely?

by bensbig 15 years ago

Looks like Freddy Mercury!! So that's hopw the bastard got a dose!

by realmanatl 15 years ago

People.....they are just creating a fantasy. Let us who are into Arab men fantasize that he is.

by mjoly 15 years ago

do you know the name of that porn?

by lonesome9er 15 years ago

Ed Wiley isn't Arab, he is from Iowa and a friend of mine.

by bigthickandy 15 years ago

Ed Wiley whose real name is Daniel Wesseling is of Spanish (as in Spain) heritage and grew up in the mid-west. Falcon's first suggestion for a porn name was "MILES LONG" but Daniel didn't go for that one...

by hungmenwanted 15 years ago

What makes you think Ed Wiley is Arab?