White Boy Hung

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White Boy Hung

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by itsbobbybytch 7 years ago

Yeah.. right.. where are the REAL dudes like this obviously straight top? The bottom is old, ugly, and can't even take his dick.. which isn't even as big as he claims. I've never once ran into a straight guy willing to go THAT far, blow job is a different story. Not to mention the psycho girlfriend that usually follows such rare cases.

by THE-SWAN 9 years ago

OMG was für ein Versager! Ich würd mich von dem So durchficken lassen *g* Warum nehmen die nur so alte Säcke als Passiven!?

by cooly666 9 years ago

Ha ha ha! Tops meat isn't "in" just the half, and bottom moans as he's to die ;-))) - Why the hell top look as bored?

by mrpants 9 years ago

ughhhhh creeperrrrrr

by skiptillman 9 years ago


by fijiwater3030 9 years ago


by duder25 9 years ago

lol!! sounds like a hippo during mating season. uuuuuuuuhhhh-uuuuuhhhuuuu!

by joker_21 9 years ago

que asco yo ni por todo el dinero ni el exito del mundo me dejaria tocar por ese hombre asqueroso

by shebameister 9 years ago

i agree, shut that fucking moaning shit up...the young guy wanted a cock up his ass so the director runs off...way to go asshole!

by samuraidrive 9 years ago

dude, for the director of this video, here's some advice; tell the bottom guy to shut the fuck up. all that noise and talking is a turn off.

anyone else think the top boy looks high as a kite?