Jerking mate while driving

Dont try this at home!

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by PriapusII 8 years ago

That's a really lovely dick!!! Thanx for posting.

by Hot8 8 years ago

Crazy4cock: try and stay focussed, will ya, mate?

by Jousten163 9 years ago

same for me.... beautiful cock, want to blow it for days

by lt83 9 years ago

I love that cock... wow I would suck it all day long.

by bigsan 9 years ago


by Vanbrugh 9 years ago

I so agree with "smoothsilk" word for word!

by smoothsilk 9 years ago

That is a beautiful thick cock with plenty or 4skin nicen loose just like I dream about. As said, pity there is not more & a juicy cum shot to end with.

by eddie1985 9 years ago

nice concept wouldn't mind someone doing that to me whilst i was driving

but wheres the end? need to see cumshot from that decent sized cock

by crazy4cock 9 years ago

Seriously, that's a lot less dangerous than talking on a cellphone--even a 'no hands' cellphone. (OT, I know, but let's see how long it takes to outlaw cellphone use by drivers altogether. I'll bet it will take another five years and the equivalent of MADD to persuade lawmakers the right thing.)