aLLEY selfsuck

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He made a wrong turn somewhere, this seemed like a better option to him.

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by tjbrighton 9 years ago

yea I really like this one.. its HOT.. reminds me of times when I was getting off with guys in clubs...and the music was pumping like that..hes very handsome... lets face it!

by 4bru2 9 years ago

This guy is definitely HOT enough and BIG enough for me! WOOF!

by babytutu 9 years ago

very hot guy!

by ny2la 9 years ago

I'm pretty sure he's the guy in GUY IN ELEVATOR.

by namanama1 9 years ago

um that dick seems pretty large to me. i dunno if im the only one who thinks this? ...

by peckerhead7 9 years ago

Check out leto3 on xtube. There are about 4 vids of him.

by vwlover 9 years ago

What's his name ? just beautiful !!

by rooseveltvilela 9 years ago

But... I want to marriage with he! :)

by rooseveltvilela 9 years ago

Your dick haven't 28cm! Never!

by fackmi 9 years ago

it´s not the first vid of this guy... Type in 'arab 28cm' and you will get to the other ;o)