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Look Ma, No Hands! This guy has really peaked my interest! As I get more vids, and review them (wink wink) you boys will get more. Just search BigJerksBack for others and keep an eye out for more

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by anonymous 2 years ago

Lol Funny and freaky :P Those kind of boys are persistent like hell, anyway i love the handsfree cumshot at the end !

by usamel 8 years ago

stupid, his cock is not big, just average

by jonboy 9 years ago

nice, gotta try that

by hungmixedlad 9 years ago

...noooooooooo..!! can't say i could ever cum like that.. weird! but funny..!!?

by bagoas33 9 years ago

His profile name on XTUBE is 'thebigjerksback'. Log on and give him a rating.

by tjbrighton 9 years ago

I like it.. a mixture of dance / art and porn

by lablkman72 9 years ago

wow...i've never seen anything like that before

by FreakMuscleXXL 9 years ago

hehe, that's funny :-)