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this guy is realy hot

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by luvmhuge 3 years ago

fantastic cock but the guy looks like he has just escaped from a psychiatric facility

by bgrod4u 13 years ago

Kinda creepy, Kevin Spaceyish looking. Nice tool, though.

by TopTen 15 years ago

This guy is very hot!

by Wolf10in 16 years ago

Great cock. But the video needs editing. The first 2 minutes are a tease with clothing.

by acer2000 16 years ago

I've watched this one loads of times and each time i just am in awe at that massive cock!

by 1cheekylad 16 years ago

looks great at the end when its soft! f'kin horny

by guysluvme 16 years ago

intense face, great dick. one of the best vids.

by splitcox 16 years ago

Very sexy. Very HOT . And a wel made video. Thanks you for thainkg the time to produce such a fine product.

by gjs3112 17 years ago

Really nice dick man and looks FAN bloody TASTIC soft just the way I love em!!!

by shield1751 17 years ago

8.5 to 9 inches....