horse man

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by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

simply unique

by dauersaufen 7 years ago

we need this kind of animal olympic makes me and my horny girlfriend bitch every time soooo fuckin wet!

by richardmtl 9 years ago

what's going on with your website?

by bigsan 9 years ago


by 9 years ago

I can't imagine how this can't be real. The video looks really old and there's no way he could push it back toward his butt hole if it was a dildo. Most of those things aren't that flexible. Assuming his is real, this guy must have gone onto doing porn somewhere. The size of this thing is amazing!! It looks absolutely HUGE!!!!

by bufmanlvr 9 years ago

Real or not, the user lisaworld already posted longer clips of this guy.

by hungbreederTOP 9 years ago

IT IS REAL - met the dude few months ago an his is MASSIVE.

by bender4fun 9 years ago


If it is not fake get him to post a high quality video with good lighting and closeup cam shots.

by royboy361 9 years ago

Everytime I see this guy he's surrounded by controversy. I also think this may be a fake. He always seems to be in dim lighting and he could stand up and shake it a bit I might be more incline to believe what I see.

by lampwick 9 years ago

yes - definately looks like a scam to join his feeble site..