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by bluespringwater 9 years ago

He's not expressive because he's watching straight porn, you can hear it in the background, he probably doesn't wanna let the world know he likes it when a dude sucks his cock. ;)

by bigpaul 9 years ago


by creature100 9 years ago

Well.. big dick, but uninspiring .. ;-(

by careem 9 years ago

Almost boring as the white kid didn't dare want to let it be known that he was enjoying that head job. Nice big cock on the white boy. Too bad the black guy didn't whip out his cock and show the boy what to do with it.

by jannich 9 years ago

Who is this guy ?

by everhard12321 9 years ago

I've never seen a guy take less pleasure in a blow job. STOIC!

by stonerkato 9 years ago

Great cocksucker. Really nice dick.

by gamble 9 years ago

what a huge fuckn dick

by LongJohnny 9 years ago

It's an efficient bj on a big tool ... but look at his face: he might just as well have a lump of wood down there as a dick. Moron.

by kissjeffgoodbye 9 years ago

Nice dick for a white guy