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This guy got seriously a horse dick!

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by ecra 5 years ago

How many inches long?

by bispermluvr 6 years ago

Shit hot cock and bod.

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

mmmm great cock cumming

by rymple 8 years ago

Monster in the truest sense. He pulls his SOFT cock out of his pants and it is longer..a good deal longer than most of your bigger than average cocks are when HARD.

by attila 8 years ago

"hung lucky bastard" indeed!

by bossman 9 years ago

Best cut of meat and and his cock is great too. Would like him to grease his pole up and and skull fuck me till snot comes out my nose. Not a pretty picture but a lot of fun.

by Mattsboy 10 years ago

This kid is truly The Man I Love. I never get tired of this video. What I love the most, other than the immense organ, is that he is so shy and unassuming, and then, when asked, "you like to show it off, don't you?" he answers "yeah" in a split second. I love a slender boy who is totally into his huge cock.

by LongJohnny 11 years ago

This dick is just massive. How does a cute guy like this come to have such luck ...?

by bartonside 11 years ago

The full version of this video is available here:
Scroll down to Art Gallery, click on that then on inspirational Videos and look for Sean Cody Horse Hung. It's free and in good quality.

by boomboomroom1234 11 years ago

first dick i fell in love with!!!... i still love this hung lucky bastard