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by 23cm_uc_XXL 4 months ago

Love his monstercock

by btx 4 months ago

A fucking monster. And you can tell these bottoms are feeling it. I would enjoy sinking my tongue into big round muscle ass. Damn.

by munchinmeat 7 months ago

Hottest. Need more!!

by throatfucker 7 months ago

Yes! Yes! Yes!

by develand1 7 months ago

i wouldn't mind having a go at that

by patrickinca1 7 months ago

Goddamn, he is huge. I would worship that thing.

by pumpittothemax 7 months ago

A huge fucking dick, and he is proud of that huge meat. He knows how to fuck, and take control of the situation. That lucky bottom appreciates a huge dick...

by milforddude 7 months ago

He looks like fun. Would like to take a ride. Wish we could see more of him. And yes, looks like it’s pumped some. But just enough. Hope he doesn’t over do it.

by Onomotopeia 7 months ago

Pumped to that incredible size? Or natural? I'm thinking pumped, BIG BIG BIG TIME for yearsssssss.

by btx 4 months ago

If it is pumped, it is a very convincing pumped cock. Because I am really not sure...

by anaximandro007 7 months ago

que hermosa verga!!!!