Cowboy and Indian Go At It

Short Falcon Studios Clip. It looks like Kevin Dean.

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by sadoangel 15 years ago

I just ordered the Kevin Dean dildo. Can't wait to shove that thing in my hungry little hole!

by Omu 15 years ago

This has to be one of my favourite videos! Kevin's huge cock looks so good pushing in and out of that guy's ass!

by bartonside 15 years ago

Kevin's slim physique is part of his appeal - huge thick dick on a skinny body is great, as with Brit star Steven Prior.

by Daxter08 15 years ago

Nice cock, not a very enthusiastic screwing but still a nice cock.

by elansvc 15 years ago

Yes, that's Kevin Dean who often wore shirts then to hide his skinny upper body. As if anybody was looking there!!!