A daddy? Definitely--but. . .

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When you find yourself having to explain why such & such a guy is a DILF, you're probably NOT talking about a genuine Daddy. There's little danger of that with Chuck Conrad, for reasons that are immediately obvious. However, this beautiful beast loses points for having lost his pubes. Nowadays (at last!) a guy who chooses to make his crotch 'slick,' is likely to throw off a somewhat muted macho vibe.

Comments (9)

by pumpittothemax 5 months ago

One hell of a hot fucker.

by zorrofan 5 months ago

A big fat pony butt would look good on this guy. And an enthusiasm for facesitting.

by argus3906 5 months ago

A magnificent, manly body. Thrillijng to watch him rip his shirt off Bet he smells great too....

by AndyDC 5 months ago

Yes, he is "Daddy qualified."

by trojanboy 5 months ago

I’d like to see him pulverise Sam Ledger. Bring it on

by phreddie1 5 months ago

MEN also released an acftion scene wIth him (and some twink) very recently. I had a glimpse or two, and I'd say he comes off better in this solo, but I'm sure many here would like to watch it.

by jayson4u2day 5 months ago

I'd dearly love to see him fuck Christian Power, trash-talking all the while.

by develand1 5 months ago

i'd do him

by mrmephisto10 5 months ago

More Daddy points: he's 6' 4" or more, 260 lbs, a Slav emigre to Canada, and speaks in a heavily accented bass. HOWEVER--the other, even greater Daddy thing he needs to grow back is his foreskin.