Larger than life given a hand

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by withme 6 years ago


by monsterc000 9 years ago

that cock is fucking amazing! I want to see more of it!

by shield1751 9 years ago

8.5"? I remember a friend of mine who had an 8.5 dick...the funny thing was he was only 5'5" made his dick look even huger than it was!

by tjbrighton 9 years ago

lovely.. wheres the cum shot please?

by qazw 9 years ago

anda, otra ..y despues quereis dinero

by maverick26 9 years ago

Nope; 8.5" trust me!

by joejackk 9 years ago

Judging by the cocksucker's hand, that cock is 11 or 12 inches long.

by bwx1 9 years ago

gimme more! lose the amateur cocksucker.

by reconeix 9 years ago

more of him, pls!!

by rockinjoxx 9 years ago

nice cock, but the guy has no clue what to do with it.. sad... :(