NEW! Relax aka Kayser on TimSUCK!

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I didn't know till today that TreasureIsland Media had shot a clip in Colombia with my big new favorite. Until I get a full copy, here's a slo-mo version of the very generous trailer. Shino Lopez is the expert hands-off cocksucker. Great for ten minutes' worth of jack-along viewing!

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by AndyDC 3 years ago

Most of the other clips he appears in are shown below in the 'Related Videos.' But one of his best & earliest was never fully tagged - "Getting Relaxed" - so you need to search for it in the archive. It's thrilling to see how effortlessly he dominates his partner, Demarco, and the action showcases that particular trait.

by mrmephisto10 3 years ago

This kid has a very unusual kind of allure - both cool & intense at the same time.