Webcam King of the King 4

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He spend all day long wanking his weapon

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by poundcock 4 years ago

100% FAKE

by kikkone 8 years ago

Please if someone has a contact of this bud let me know....he is absolutely my ever dream man in my whole life......pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
thanks a lot.

by SPICE829 8 years ago

video 1-4 all the same it just flops there what's up willy boy? Dumb.

by pabloxt 9 years ago

Humongongous huge cock. Wd love trying suck it. Any body know who this hot stud is. Let me know by emailing me Wd love to cam with him if u know if he still shows on cam sites anywhere.

by longdick26 9 years ago

Its a motherfucking fake!! Enough Time lost!

by pushybtm 9 years ago

I want to believe its real...BUT, why do the overly massive ones always have blurry or bad webcams?

by Rusty61 10 years ago

Inside that rubber dong is a tiny little pecker waiting to break free!

by FatherChris 10 years ago

Anybody heard about Maxxx DeLong?
Is his cock rubber?

Some are really talking rubbish here.

by wanglophile 10 years ago

i'm sorry but it doesn't look fake to me

by ocicat 10 years ago

C'est évident que ce n'est pas sa vraie queue!!!!!!!!!!!